Aluminum_011bIs It Time to Replace the Windows in Your Home?

If you see any of the following with your living space, you could be a good candidate for window or door replacement:

  • Extremely high utility bills
  • Broken, old, or rotting windows and doors
  • Poor insulation, ventilation, or climate control
  • Noise pollution near heavy traffic locations
  • Water leaking around window frames
  • Weather and salt damage in oceanfront properties
  • Fog or moisture build-up inside glass panels
  • Inability to sell home due to outdated style or function

Which Material Should You Choose?

Choosing the right window material for your home depends on your preferences for beauty, price, performance, and longevity. We encourage you to explore different styles and materials before making a final decision. Our professional staff can show you samples from different manufacturers to match your particular needs and budget. If you prefer, we can work with your contractor to accommodate blue prints for larger projects, condos, and building associations.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is a popular choice for replacement windows because it is noncorroding and remarkably energy efficient, offering the best Energy Star ratings.  You can choose from a  wide range of styles and shapes.  We especially recommend vinyl window frames with heat-welded joints because it provides better resistance to extreme weather changes.  Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free and offer you the best value for the lowest price.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass frames are highly durable and have the longest life span of all the window materials.  Fiberglass windows are strong structurally and can hold large expanses of glass. They are impervious to all the natural elements that wear down a window frame and are affected little by extreme temperature changes.  Plus, it can be painted like a wood frame without requiring waterproof treatments.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows also are popular because of their rigid strength, low maintenance, noncorrosive properties, and you won’t have to paint them because they come with tough anodized or baked-on finishes. Today’s aluminum windows are better equipped with thermal breaks to improve energy efficiency, although it is not as efficient as the other window materials.  Aluminum’s slim frames allow for flexible window configurations, making it a good choice for modern architecture.

Wood Windows

Wood remains the traditionalist’s choice for window frames because of its natural beauty that cannot be found in synthetic materials. It is an attractive option because it can be painted a solid color or stained to show the natural grain. Because wood is easy to work with and has inherent insulating qualities, it delivers exceptional thermal performance. Wood requires more maintenance than other materials and is the highest priced option.

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